Zion, Utah

Thanksgiving has been a friends holiday for me for the majority of my adult life.  It is usually done potluck style with everyone pitching in to create a complete meal.  The last couple of years, Thanksgiving included my husband and two best friends in LA.  We have been, in a sense, our own kind of family.  We had family dinner nights, birthday celebrations, lazy movie days and active hiking days.  We all love to travel and we planned a trip to Zion National Park for Thanksgiving 2015.  Unfortunately, that trip was cancelled due to an injury from the clumsiest member of our group.  (It wasn’t me!)  When 2016 was reaching its end, we decided to make good on our plans from the previous year and make the most of our time with our friends since it was mine and my husband’s last year living in LA.  We packed up our gear and took a road trip to Zion for a long weekend of hiking, eating, drinking and laughing.  We saw some incredible sights and had an all around amazing weekend.  We were greeted by breathtaking beauty everywhere we went.  From Angel’s Landing to Zion Canyon Overlook; from serene sunsets over a field of bison to making angels in the pink sand dunes; the entire weekend was a complete visual experience.