Sedona, Arizona

I have been left breathless at the end of many hikes.  There is always this sense of satisfaction when I stand at the top and look out at the world around me, but I can honestly say that until I hiked with my husband in Sedona, Arizona, I’ve never felt so overwhelmed by the beauty that awaited me.  With rocks as orange and red as the setting sun and trees so deeply green that they hardly look real, Sedona is like a series of paintings turned to life.  I could feel the beauty just as much as I could see it.  On our first day, we hiked Westfork Trail.  It wasn’t strenuous and while lovely, it certainly didn’t prepare me for the scenery that was to come.  On our second day we hiked Boynton Canyon.  It was beautiful and so peaceful, but it only provided a fraction of the emotion that I felt when we hiked Cathedral Rock.  I was warned prior to our hike that Cathedral Rock would be a physical challenge, but it would also be worth it.  It is the second hardest hike I have ever done, but so, so, so worth the view at the top.  It was truly a spiritual sunset experience that nearly brought me to tears.  It was also worth all of the limited upper body strength I have that it took to get me to the top.