New Orleans

New Orleans: A melting pot of heritage and culture built, adopted, and transformed over centuries resulting a place of intrigue, debauchery, and celebration that reaches hundreds–even thousands of miles away in copycat fashion.  New Orleans is one of those places that grabs you, shakes you hard, spins you around and immediately sets you down; leaving you to determine how you feel after you’re done.  From the music and art to the people and cuisine, it wasn’t hard to fall in love with the Big Easy.  We found a vibrant, bohemian home on Airbnb in the up and coming Bywater neighborhood, adjacent to Crescent Park.  It was a perfect 20 minute walk to the French Quarter while also being able to live among the locals.  We spent a week there and every day something new caught my eye.  There is so much to take in between the grandiose street celebrations to the little details that capture the soul.  The city is full of life and color–even when the view is black and white.  New Orleans definitely has a special place in my heart and on my list of potential places to live!