The Echoes of Movement

Three weeks ago, I heard an echo in my apartment for the first time.  I was home alone in the place I had shared with my husband and even a close friend for nearly three years and now there was an echo with every move.  Despite a year and a half of planning for a drastic life change that is an incredible dream coming to life, the echoing sounds were Continue reading


Freedom: The Liberty To Do As I Please

When I acquired and subsequently quit my new job this summer after only a month, the only thing I had was fear in my bones and hope in my heart.  With nothing more than drive in my soul to succeed, I’ve managed to make it work and it’s working pretty darn well. Continue reading

A Lesson in Patience: Honeymoons Aren’t All Sugar & Honey

In my experience when most people think of honeymoons the idea of picturesque beaches in exotic places come to mind.  Perhaps something like the breathtaking view of Positano, Italy Continue reading

Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming

We took a train from Florence to Rome and I’m still somewhat nervous that I will wake up to find that I’ve been dreaming this whole time.  Out the window, to my left were the rolling hills of Tuscany with farmland and fields of sunflowers and grapevines.  In some ways it reminded me of parts of Northern California, but this truly is so much better Continue reading

Savoring Stories & Assembling Dreams


The aftermath of blowing glitter to celebrate.

This is a week of celebration in my world.  One year ago today, I let go of myself and opened up to share a journey with anyone who was willing to read along.  I started something that included a goal of living more freely…for myself and with my (now) husband; while absorbing life’s moments in a more present state; as we pursued our dreams that involved creating a life of travel. Continue reading

Saying ‘Yes’ To More

I have been on vacation for the last month and it has been glorious!  I know I’ve shared my frustration in recent months with having too much on my plate and the relief I’ve felt when I’ve said ‘no’ in order to regain some balance, but this is a story about saying ‘yes’ and the relaxation I’ve found as a result. Continue reading


I just spent three weeks living out of a suitcase and here’s what I learned: I have way too much stuff.  More than any one person needs.  I also think that most people have more than they need and I like to think that everyone Continue reading

Celebrating Love

I am a day later than I wanted to be with this post, but it was well worth it for so many reasons.

First, after being apart for three weeks, Ralph and I reunited in Buffalo, NY to spend a long weekend together. IMG_0310 (2)He travels quite a bit for work so we’re used to being apart Continue reading