Once A Student, Now A Teacher

Last week, I shared some of what I learned from a woman I admire very much.  It was a sweet experience to share my revelations and equally as sweet to read the messages from people who admired what I had to say.  But when someone you spent a lot of time teaching that looked up to you starts to share lessons of their own – that’s really sweet. Continue reading


#HaspilakerRules For Bachelor(ette) Parties

Oh weddings!  They bring with them so many excuses to celebrate.  From engagement parties to bridal showers and ‘send off’ parties, (which I only recently learned was a thing) there are at least a few opportunities for brides and grooms Continue reading

Unexpected Lessons From My Bridal Shower (They Aren’t What You’d Think)


Mom’s Pinterest #win.

I am a complete travel bug without the extra money to actually BE a true travel bug (yet). But that didn’t stop my Mom from throwing me an escape themed bridal shower Continue reading

Friends With Benefits

If you’re looking for a sizzling story that involves our modern version of polygamy and sensually indulgent parties, I’m sorry to disappoint, but it’s not like it sounds. Mine and Ralph’s version of friends with benefits is much more beneficial Continue reading

Celebrating Love

I am a day later than I wanted to be with this post, but it was well worth it for so many reasons.

First, after being apart for three weeks, Ralph and I reunited in Buffalo, NY to spend a long weekend together. IMG_0310 (2)He travels quite a bit for work so we’re used to being apart Continue reading