A Lesson in Patience: Honeymoons Aren’t All Sugar & Honey

In my experience when most people think of honeymoons the idea of picturesque beaches in exotic places come to mind.  Perhaps something like the breathtaking view of Positano, Italy Continue reading


Savoring Stories & Assembling Dreams


The aftermath of blowing glitter to celebrate.

This is a week of celebration in my world.  One year ago today, I let go of myself and opened up to share a journey with anyone who was willing to read along.  I started something that included a goal of living more freely…for myself and with my (now) husband; while absorbing life’s moments in a more present state; as we pursued our dreams that involved creating a life of travel. Continue reading

Once A Student, Now A Teacher

Last week, I shared some of what I learned from a woman I admire very much.  It was a sweet experience to share my revelations and equally as sweet to read the messages from people who admired what I had to say.  But when someone you spent a lot of time teaching that looked up to you starts to share lessons of their own – that’s really sweet. Continue reading

Saying ‘Yes’ To More

I have been on vacation for the last month and it has been glorious!  I know I’ve shared my frustration in recent months with having too much on my plate and the relief I’ve felt when I’ve said ‘no’ in order to regain some balance, but this is a story about saying ‘yes’ and the relaxation I’ve found as a result. Continue reading

The Truth About Our Wedding: It Was Really Just For Show

Last week, I shared the story of mine and Ralph’s wedding day, but the truth is is that it wasn’t really our wedding day.  Yes, I wore a wedding dress, we exchanged vows, shared a “first dance,” and had a fantastic reception.  And it really was the best wedding I’ve ever been to.  But it wasn’t our wedding. Continue reading

#HaspilakerRules For Bachelor(ette) Parties

Oh weddings!  They bring with them so many excuses to celebrate.  From engagement parties to bridal showers and ‘send off’ parties, (which I only recently learned was a thing) there are at least a few opportunities for brides and grooms Continue reading


I just spent three weeks living out of a suitcase and here’s what I learned: I have way too much stuff.  More than any one person needs.  I also think that most people have more than they need and I like to think that everyone Continue reading