The Echoes of Movement

Three weeks ago, I heard an echo in my apartment for the first time.  I was home alone in the place I had shared with my husband and even a close friend for nearly three years and now there was an echo with every move.  Despite a year and a half of planning for a drastic life change that is an incredible dream coming to life, the echoing sounds were Continue reading


The Woman in Disguise: Depression Isn’t Always Crying in a Darkened Room

I have been rather quiet online over the last several weeks since I made the decision to limit my activity on social media to focus on myself and the person closest to me.  In late October, I began to slow down after feeling incredibly depleted as the result of essentially biting off more than I could chew.  I was doing well professionally, but it turns out that I wasn’t doing as exceptional personally. Continue reading

Freedom: The Liberty To Do As I Please

When I acquired and subsequently quit my new job this summer after only a month, the only thing I had was fear in my bones and hope in my heart.  With nothing more than drive in my soul to succeed, I’ve managed to make it work and it’s working pretty darn well. Continue reading

A Lesson in Patience: Honeymoons Aren’t All Sugar & Honey

In my experience when most people think of honeymoons the idea of picturesque beaches in exotic places come to mind.  Perhaps something like the breathtaking view of Positano, Italy Continue reading

Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming

We took a train from Florence to Rome and I’m still somewhat nervous that I will wake up to find that I’ve been dreaming this whole time.  Out the window, to my left were the rolling hills of Tuscany with farmland and fields of sunflowers and grapevines.  In some ways it reminded me of parts of Northern California, but this truly is so much better Continue reading

Savoring Stories & Assembling Dreams


The aftermath of blowing glitter to celebrate.

This is a week of celebration in my world.  One year ago today, I let go of myself and opened up to share a journey with anyone who was willing to read along.  I started something that included a goal of living more freely…for myself and with my (now) husband; while absorbing life’s moments in a more present state; as we pursued our dreams that involved creating a life of travel. Continue reading

Freedom From Fear

mammoth 2014 (2)

If you’ve never taken a chance on yourself, my opinion is that you’re missing out on discovering your potential.  I’ve talked about having issues with fear in the recent past, but I quickly got over it when I realized that missing out on what could be was less rewarding than playing it safe.  I am having an incredible month, because I took a chance on myself Continue reading

Three Weeks & Me: Taking A Leap Of Faith & Believing In Myself

I’ve been absent in the blogosphere for a few weeks as a result of life changes and somewhat of a lack of inspiration.  As I readjust, looking back on all of the activity over the last few weeks I can’t imagine that I would recognize myself if I were looking into the future five years ago.  I know that the point of growth is to constantly be discovering new things about yourself, but I didn’t expect the discoveries I’ve made in the last three weeks. Continue reading

Move or Stand Still


I write a lot about lessons I’ve learned from personal experiences and somehow I manage to finish things off with some level of inspiration.  It’s not very often – actually, it’s rare that I share something without some form of lesson learned. Continue reading

Once A Student, Now A Teacher

Last week, I shared some of what I learned from a woman I admire very much.  It was a sweet experience to share my revelations and equally as sweet to read the messages from people who admired what I had to say.  But when someone you spent a lot of time teaching that looked up to you starts to share lessons of their own – that’s really sweet. Continue reading