A Note To Readers

_MG_3060This project is long overdue. About ten years overdue to be exact. Or maybe it’s just been ten years in the making.

I have always been a writer. Although much of my writing has remained private to myself and trusted friends and family, I’m a writer, none the less. I love stories and experiences and I have always dreamed of sharing my own with others. I made a halfhearted attempt to start a blog after I finished college. I, like most college graduates, found myself in that place of “What am I doing and who do I want to be?” I toyed around with the idea of chronicling my “quarter life crisis,” but even I wasn’t entirely sold on it. I at least knew that if I was going to write, I wanted it to be meaningful. Despite our reality drama obsessed culture, I didn’t think anyone needed to read the chronicles of my hot mess decision making. Looking back, I’m really glad that I didn’t fall into the culture of oversharing. I believe some life experiences are meant to be just that – life experiences.

Every time I would get an idea, it would fizzle out just as quickly as it began. I guess you could say I had little to no direction and I was absolutely all over the place with my thoughts. In early 2015, I began really thinking about creating a blog again. Of course, I ran into the same road blocks I had before in terms of not having any direction. This time though, I began writing content whenever I would get an idea. I was writing content for a blog that didn’t exist in the hopes of writing my way into something that would speak to me. Ultimately, it wasn’t my own writing that brought me here. It was an exchange between my (then) fiancé and I that finally gave me the platform I would focus on to start this blog.

It all boiled down to a single e-mail that I read in a single moment that will ultimately alter our entire lives as we have known them. It only took a minute to change the direction of our lives…the minute when everything shifted…and then the second minute…when everything began to sink in. This is our story.


3 thoughts on “A Note To Readers

  1. Adeline Jacob says:

    Hi Crystal
    Very nice. That’s a very nice gift to cultivate and a noble dream to pursue. All the best, may God protect and bless you as you grow a little every day. From the bottom of my heart –>Adeline


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