img_5186Life is hard…but it’s also really amazing if you pay attention.  That’s what The Second Minute is about.  It’s taking moments and making them your own, knowing that your experience may not reflect that of another person.  But that’s okay, because the moments where life sinks in are different for everyone.  For me, it comes in seconds that grow into minutes which determine my next move.  The important part is for me to remain present and it’s not always an easy task.  It takes practice and patience with myself and others–also not always an easy task.  And that’s where writing comes in.  It helps me remain accountable to what I share with the universe.  Believe me when I say I have been lost and I continue to get lost–sometimes on purpose, but often times without knowing, and it is so difficult when I find myself in spaces of uncertainty.  However, I am learning to give myself the freedom to let go of more, so that I can enjoy myself with less.  Less clutter, less noise, less stuff!  Moments.  Experiences.  Family.  Love.  The things I’ve learned that keep me grounded are the things I love to pay attention to and they all teach me about what’s really important.  This is my interpretation of the moments where life sinks in.


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